It’s Name is Albert

i overslept this morning.
it was sunny out!
i went to get food with everett and helped him put up posters for the end of month party.
i worked on the 375 business plan.
CJ got back from field school in italy and is staying here for a few days.
i got an alabaster mushroom from italy. it’s nifty. i named it.
i registered for next semester. rather, i tried. every 300 level CMNS class is full. students from other faculties use them as electives. we’re not allowed to use most of THEIR upper div classes as electives. they can use ours. i cannot get into the classes in MY faculty that i NEED because of this. i’m waitlisted for every 300 level i tried to get into.
we went to rescue meg from her angry man of a landlord who was scaring her. she’s all better now in nancy’s townhouse. Saab’s are fucked up cars to drive. especially american ones.
remember, the LITTLE numbers are km/h. NOT the big ones.
i used the BIG numbers driving back up the mountain.
i’ve spent another four hours of work on 375 after the receiving of the alabaster mushroom and the Saab rescue.
i shall continue to do so now.

current mood: “Why Go” by Pearl Jam

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  1. What’s an alabaster mushroom? I guess I could walk upstairs and find out… but that’s sooo much work.

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