Special With a Capital R

i’m pretty sure that the stigma attached to the intelligence of walmart and its employees isn’t fabricated in its entirety…but when you see this on one of their plastic shopping bags you have to wonder…

after the discovery of plastic bag instructions shaz and i went to spencers to look at the halloween stuff. we were distracted by the shelf full of family guy stuff. including this stewie energy drink which shaz bought and suggested i try. it has a really indescribable taste. and when mixed with 15$ worth of chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolates you end up with a bit of a sugar high.

current mood: “Guitar Man Upstairs” by Drive By Truckers

2 Thoughts.

  1. Speaking of a stupidity stigma…

    did it ever occur to you that perhaps the sugar high came not so much from the combination of the two, but solely from the quantity alone that you consumed?

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