What if Ronald McDonald Were Following You in the Dark?

7 hours of studying Sociology Research methods today. when that happens you know your day will involve two of the sketchiest things on this campus.

the first is the dining hall pizza. no matter what colour you see it in, it’s still the saddest and eyebrow raising pizza you will ever eat. sketchiest of all is the price…$4.95 a slice you say?

the second thing your night will hold for you is a trip to the sketchy swing set. yes i took a bunch of new people to the swing set. i didn’t say we were going to see johnny, and we never would have anyway seeing as how someone, not this someone, decided trying to see the swing set from the path, through the dark, through the trees, in the middle of the forest at night, was close enough.

i’m still going back on halloween. if anyone wants to come let me know. i’m not providing depends for anyone, you buy your own.

current mood: “Praise” by Sevendust

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