It’s Also a Smashing Pumpkins Song

adventures à la day 3 of shooting

there’s geese in them thar clouds!

there’s shells in them thar boxes!

total postcard material. they’re in the sky there.

took a secodn to snap a quick one before a bunch flew over us. that’d be whatcha call a natural blind. and two birdies falled from the sky there.

decoy spread. gotta say it worked très good today.

there’s something over thar!!!

no that’s not all of them. that’s some of them

that’s all of them. piled in a pile in the back of the truck.

that’s one of my friends. Goosey the not so alive goose.

THAT’s all of them. 33 of them. a few of them landed on a barbed wire fence.

so today was the last day of shooting we figure. we have 51 for the weekend. and we’re just about out of ammo. and i need to leave some for when my uncle and cousin get here. they get here while im back in vancouver.

gonna make me some jerky.

and the Oilers won again. 3 and 0 now. fuck you Anaheim. No one needs a disney team in the NHL.

current mood: “Hammer in My Hand” by Grady

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