Who Needs a Dog When You Can Run?

adventures à la Day Two

as we’ve already established, i like sepia…

no he’s not peeing on it…

i found some pigeons in there. no i didn’t pee in there.

if you look closely you won’t see any geese there. closer…closer…that’s good.

clouds look good in sepia.

oh it got dirtier…much dirtier…

yes it’s live ammo. no i didn’t pee on it.

if you lose your glasses you can use binoculars. no he isn’t peeing.

this is just a sweet ass picture. you can’t argue with that.

life is not a highway, but you spend lots of time on them…

that’s at like 8pm. it’s hard to see where you pee in the dark.

there’s actually 6. and no we didn’t use the shovel.

so day two was a late start shoot wise. didn’t get going til about 5 when the gooses decided that maybe they were hungry.

tomorrow we’re staying home cause of sunday hunting rules. that’s ok, gives me time to do some homework and eat more.

maybe i’ll get to use the new bbq tomorrow too. that’ll be tasty fun.

current mood: 4-3 shootout Oilers Win.

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