I Said Hey There Fella!

as of today I’m now apparently a member of Hillel, the Student Marketing Association, made a new gay friend, and am currently being guilted out of playing CTF to go see a movie.
the Hillel thing might seem a little out of character, what with my gross distrust of organized religion.
whatev. they’re cool folks. plus they have a gigantic fucking room loaded with nice shit in the Cornerstone Building to hang out in.
and for some reason i feel slightly like i’m committing treason with the CMNSU by signing up for the SMA. oh well.
ok, time to get to the frosh post mortem.
then get guilted into going to a movie…

1 Thought.

  1. OMG you’re cheating on the CMNSU. The CMNSU is now going to throw all your clothes out the window and destroy your favorite cds. Hell hath no fury like a CMNSU scorned.

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